The quarry experience

Fig. 2.1. Frantiscritti. Digital photography by Javierrr.

Fig. 2.2. James Bond. Quantum of Solace 2008.

In a self-observational unfolding, quarries have come to understand the economic possibilities of exploiting their very image




Disappointment is granted for the searcher of primeval experiences.


Little remains of the unattainable "real" and "uncommodified" industrial landscape.


Paradoxically, what a potential visitor is offered is the romanticized version of the mountain -- that is to say: the "authentic" quarry experience [fig. 2.1].


These tours do not only capitalise on the associative elements of an adventure expedition [fig. 2.2], they generate a feedback on the representative modalities of the mine.

Marmo tour - Gopro

Salvatore Ferragamo. Tuscan Soul.


I cavatori (1958) Francesco Tarabella